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Foot reflexology

A treatment to balance the mind and body, while providing relaxation. This treatment gently works on the reflexes of the feet. Many people find that reflexology helps with specific health issues including insomnia, fatigue, migraine, pain reduction, digestive problems, anxiety & auto immune conditions. I am also trained in preconception reflexology and maternity reflexology. many people also find that reflexology reduces side effects of chemotherapy. Foot reflexology appointments are available for adults, babies, children and teenagers.

Baby reflexology (30-45 mins) £25.00

Children’s or teenagers reflexology (30-45 mins) £25.00

Hand reflexology

Reflexology can also be performed on the hands, with the same outcomes as foot reflexology

Facial reflexology

A reflexology treatment using the same gentle techniques as foot reflexology but using the reflex points on the face, this treatment has the added bonus of uplifting the complexion.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This is a very gentle treatment, performed through your clothing which stimulates the lymphatic system. It is an ideal treatment for those with compromised mobility, limb swelling and autoimmune conditions. This treatment (with your consultants consent) can be given in between chemotherapy treatments to reduce side effects. Manual lymphatic drainage is sometimes referred to as oncology massage. Manual lymphatic drainage can be performed as a 30 minute treatment or 60 minute treatment, 30 minutes is recommended for your first treatment.

30 minute treatment £18.00 / 60 minute treatment £28.00


Body massage

A massage to ease tension and release tight muscles / ease aches and pains while enabling relaxation using an unscented oil. Available as back, neck, shoulder massage, full body massage and full body massage including facial and scalp massage.

Aromatherapy massage

A massage using the TISSERAND range of aromatherapy oils. Chose from sleep better, total destress, lavender and chamomile, muscle ease or energy high according to your body needs (subject to allergies and contraindications). Not suitable during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage

I am fully trained in pregnancy massage and can provide back neck and shoulder massage or full body massage to ease those aches and pains, and fluid retention associated with pregnancy. Pregnancy massage can be with an unfragranced oil or an aromatherapy oil if over three months pregnant (subject to allergies / contraindications).

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage works into the deeper muscles of the body and is ideal for those with chronic aches and pains. This massage uses more pressure than a traditional body massage enabling muscles to relax and lengthen. This treatment also involves stretching of the muscles unlike a traditional body massage. This treatment is available as back only of full body massage. Depending on your muscles this massage may be performed in conjunction with the use of warm bamboo for optimum results. NOT SUITABLE FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY.

Warm bamboo massage

This massage incorporates the use of warm rolled bamboo sticks at the start of the massage. The bamboo will gently heat the muscles to enable them to relax quicker, enhancing the benefits of the massage. This massage can either be performed very gently or to a much deeper pressure than in a normal massage depending upon your choice. Available as back, neck shoulders or full body massage. NOT SUITABLE FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY.

Hot stone massage

This treatment incorporates the use of warm basalt stone which warm the muscles to enable a deeper sense of relaxation. Available as back massage or full body massage. NOT SUITABLE FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY.

Hot and Cold stone massage

This is an ideal treatments for athletes, the massage is performed at the same time as alternating the temperature of the muscles being worked. This enables a fast release of toxins and aids recovery time. NOT SUITABLE FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY.

Indian head massage

A relaxing massage of upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp and face while you are in a seated position. This treatment can be performed through clothing without the use of oils or with an aromatherapy oil (subject to allergies and contraindications).

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