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I am able to visit workplaces in Kent and London to provide employees with seated massage, this is a great way to reward employees, motivate employees and demonstrate to them they are valued by you as an employer. This is an ideal way to thank your staff for their continued efforts towards your company during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The (seated acupressure) massage is provided without the need for employees to remove any clothing and does not use any oil. It is given in a seated position in a forward facing chair. Treatments can last from 15 minutes – 30 minutes in duration according to your and your employees needs. Up to 16 staff members can be provided with treatments each day.

Alternatively I can provide reflexology in the workplace with treatments being 30 minutes each. Up to 10 staff members can be provided with treatments per day.

Benefits of workplace treatments for staff include:

improved posture, reduced aches and pains, increased clarity and focus, increased range of movement, reduction in headaches and conditions exacerbated by stress.

Benefits of workplace treatments for employers include:

Reduced absenteeism, improved moral, reduced pressure on occupational health services, reduced work related stress, increased productivity.

Sessions can be provided on either a one off basis or a regular basis according to your companies requirements. Contact me to get in touch to discuss packages for your company.

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